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      The health care in Bečej and its surrounding villages dates far back in the past through private practice. Some of these practices were very respectable and well organized, with experienced and capable staff, so that some very complex procedures and first rate services were available there.

      The beginnings of modern health care organization emerge after the World War II. During the period from 1945. to 1946. many infirmaries, dispensaries and other types of health care facilities were formed in the government’s public sector. General practice infirmaries started to open in all the settlements as soon as the war had ended, first in the small neighborhoods and later in the larger local communities.

      In 1945. a maternity hospital was built in Becej, and in 1958. in Bačko Gradište and Bačko Petrovo Selo. In the surrounding villages the maternity hospitals were in operation until 1968. and in Becej until 1991. Anti Tuberculosis Dispensary was established in 1946. It was built on a location near the DTD channel (an irrigation system), where it had its aid station, laboratory, purchasing department, kitchen, administration and everything needed for self-sustaining existence.

     The dental health care was established in 1946.
     The “People’s Pharmacy” was established in 1946.
     Children’s health dispensary emerges as a separate institution in 1955. when it is moved to its current location in the northeastern part of the town. In the 60’s several merging processes occur in which some private practices and government-run practices merge into the “Becej” Health Center, as we know it today, which became the one and only institution which provided basic health care for the inhabitants of all the settlements in the municipality of Becej.
     In 1974. the “People’s pharmacy” was also merged with the Health Center.

     During the 60’s and the 70’s there was an expansion and the building of major objects used for providing the basic health care. During that time, the following facilities were built:

  • in 1965. the building in Nestor Dzilitov street
  • in 1968. the central building of the “Bečej” Health Center
  • in 1970. the infirmary in Mileševo
  • in 1974. the aid station in Bačko Petrovo Selo
  • in 1980. the aid station in Bačko Gradište

     The newly built and the already existant objects provided conditions for the formation of many new departments. Considering that, during that time, both political will and the necessary funds existed, and combined with the ambitions and wishes of the health care workers, one by one the new departments were established:

  • the laboratory
  • the RTG department
  • Visiting Nurses
  • Industrial Medicine
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Specialist-Consultation Services
  • Diabetes Counseling
  • Oncology Counseling
  • Emergency Medical Department

      These new departments, together with the old ones, became the foundation for the modern organization of our Health Center, which today offers 9 different types of medical services, divided into 21 department with large infrastructure and around 265 employees.